Every Indian food is known for its unique spices which leave permanent traces of its trace on our tongue. The flavors of our spices never fail to leave an impact on us and keep reminding us of it whenever we eat such kind of food. We never have any idea how authentic our spices are they got exchanged for valuables like gold, precious stones, and horses in ancient times. Besides making our foods delightfully delicious every Indian have so much nutrition and medicinal value in them. So, adding them to our food regularly adds strength to our body. That’s how our spices not only make our foods interesting and tasty but also it adds up the goodness of health to them. Coming to the flavors the whole point of having the biriyani is those spices that are blended to be the biriyani masala. One scoop of hot-hot sambhar poured over that chubby idli, That hot gobi Manchurian which makes our boring roti interesting, That fried rice with colorful veggies to delight your tummy, and Those crispy chicken fries the perfect side dish for your afternoon meal. That’s just a few of them what our taste-buds demand from us every day. Hey, Did we make you hungry? So that answers the question of why all these spices are essential for an Indian kitchen. Get all those spices and masalas which adds up the twist of taste to your delightful menu at Pothys Mart.